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Welcome to ThunderSolas, a new company providing leather designs for men and women based in Dublin, Ireland. 

All our products are hand-made from high quality cow leather.


We started trading on Saturday’s Cow’s Lane Designer Mart in 2010 with a few samples of leather jewellery and throughout the years thanks to customers’ feedback and demand, we developed the collection you can now see, and believe us, it is still growing as customers inspire us and the need for new products and designs are constantly developing.


The company was officially opened in the summer 2012 as the need to trade beyond Saturdays was evident and we needed a place throughout the week to meet our customers. Our shop opened on 7 September 2012 on Cow’s Lane, Old City Temple Bar in Dublin City Centre! It seems we were meant to be in the very same place that we have been trading for years. It was an opportunity we could not miss as we were blessed with an amazing space on the area that we were familiar with and where we knew the customers.


We had nearly 10 amazing years trading in Temple Bar but with the pandemic coming in March 2020 and the world coming to a halt

for months, it was a challenge to keep a retail shop with all the monthly fixed costs when there was no tourists or customers. We all

expected Covid go away after the first year, but that was not the case, and in the second year we made a decision to close the retail and move online only. A heartbreaking decision for our family business and the right one. We will know rebuild the business again online and who knows re-open again a retail shop in the future. 


Thanks for visiting and enjoy the collection


ThunderSolas Team


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